SAWA Schools Portal

SAWA Schools Portal

SAWA is an Arabic word that means “Together”.

Based on Microsoft 365 free license for education organizations Students and Teachers, and our experience in developing education communication portals. Helping all levels of education institutions in “Management, Staff, Teachers, Students and Parents” to collaborate in a user friendly workspace via desktop browser, notepad or mobile phones.

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Easy Management

What Management Wants

School Management System

The accessible portal allows the school management with an easy to use interface as well as actions to the day to day operations and challenges. Different features can be utilized to organize communication between all parties of staff, teachers, students and parents. Detailed management view of payments and all activities at all levels with visual dashboards and reports.

  • Process Automation
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Advertising
  • Enhanced Percentage of Enrollment
  • Easy Access to Information
  • News and Announcements Publishing
  • Real Time Data, Reports and Dashboard
  • Parents Guardian Workspace

    What Parents Wants

    Parents Guardian Workspace

    Parents always wanted to be engaged in their children’s day to day activities, observing their learning progress and be proactive in any development requirements. Nevertheless, to have full communication with the school, classroom and teachers via an easy and friendly platform that they can access from anywhere anytime.

  • Central Collaborative Workspace
  • Daily Activities and Communications
  • Easy Navigation
  • Students Details Managed View
  • Students Performance Dashboard and Reports
  • Access to Students Financial Reports
  • Manageable Notifications and Alerts
  • LMS

    Students and Classrooms Workspaces


    Students and Classrooms Workspaces

    Utilizing the innovative technologies of Microsoft 365 such as SharePoint, MS Office 365, Teams and other cloud based applications as service. Students can have full access to their education facilities to communicate and action their daily tasks from anywhere via computers, notepads or mobile devises.

  • Easy to Reach Classrooms and Activities
  • Online and classroom trainings
  • Increased Sense of Responsibility
  • Upcoming Events and Activities
  • Homework Engagement
  • Classroom Materials
  • Remote Learning
  • Teaching Management

    What Teachers Want

    What Teachers Want

    Maximizing student potential and boosting the learning effectiveness across all classrooms. Assuring that students come prepared, focused, and motivated with adequate resources allowing the teachers to communicate and automate daily challenges with students and their parents; and yet to over watch the students’ performance and attendance with the latest technologies.

  • Classroom Management
  • Update Daily Activities, Classroom Time Table and Attendance
  • Manage Academic Reports
  • Content and Materials Publishing
  • Classroom Inventory and Reorder Management
  • Easy Communication with Students and Parents
  • Admin and Staff


    Admin and Staff Workspaces

    Managing school operations and day to day activities and tasks are always a challenge for school administration. Starting from registration process to students’ record management and handling regular or extended activities then announcements or news publications all the way to facilities management and the work in departmental levels. SAWA Schools Portal provides all the required automation, workspaces and data repositories to ease conducting these tasks.

  • Events Management and Registration
  • School Calendars Management
  • Students Management
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Minimized Margin of Error
  • Technologies in Use

    Microsoft 365

    Utilizing Microsoft 365 Products, Apps and services

    Microsoft 365 Education offers a suite of student-centered solutions that help create an equitable learning environment for all and help students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

    Help students catch up, keep up, and get ahead with the new Learning Accelerators. These tools create more opportunities for students to practice through immediate feedback in core subjects. They also track progress and provide actionable insights for teachers.

  • Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote)
  • Email Account & Teams
  • EOneDrive Storage
  • SharePoint Sites