Generica Systems Offered Services

Be part of our provided IT Services such as Consultancy, Implementation, Customization, Development, Administration & Outsourcing, Training, Support, Licensing and Scanning Devices; and we assure you a high standard and sleek service delivery.

IT Consultancy Services

Our experienced consultants provide you with the best advices and help in all aspects of our services and solutions, keeping you in line with the best practices and technologies available today. We bring to you our consultation experience from different industries in the market.

Implementation & Administration

We implement for you top of the line solutions that are targeted to your organization's needs and objectives. We implement, configure and structure these solutions to give you the maximum output of your investment.

Customization & Development

Some organization need certain customizations other than the out-of-the-box features available in the products. Our experts not only providing you with these customizations, but also to make sure that they follow the best practices and are within the support criteria of the product providers.


implementing a solution is never enough to get the maximum output out of it; that is why, we always focus as a very important part of our service to you, training sessions to help educate your employees on how to best utilize the solution and get maximum benefit from your investment.

Software Licensing

Our Software Licensing consultants Team will help you decide what licensing scheme that best meets your organizational requirements

Support Services

The high availability of our support team ensures you the comfort of using our solutions, covered in System Grantee or Annual Support.

Think Software Development Think Integration

In certain scenarios some organizations might wish to have modules developed for them over their already in-place solution. Our highly capable development team are not only producing these modules for you but also makes sure that it meets the high standards of your organization.

Our Featured Development & Integration

Find below our experience in software development and integration with some success stories that we achieved in the most challenging integration projects.

Responsive Design

Developing a responsive Microsoft SharePoint Server Portal.

Oracle HRMS Integration

Sleek and reliable integration from and into Oracle HRMS.

Dynamic CRM Interfacing

Full integration and interfacing with Microsoft Dynamic CRM Technology.