Airlines Techlog

Airlines Techlog Archiving Solutions

By implementing Paperless Aircraft Operations based on IATA International Air Transport Association and adhering to the ISO 14641, will help organization to save costs, efficiently transfer assets, facilitate 100% configuration and airworthiness Compliance and maintain all aircraft records in electronic content management system, GENERICA SYSTEMS will implement the full solution to help in managing, scanning, OCR, and storing the entire aircraft document. Generica Systems will setup the infrastructure to transform any Hardcopy to Softcopy and maintain a document OCR library, Document Storage Structure, Advanced Searching and further analysis. Such as Techlog, Delivery Documents, Cabin Log, Scheduled Maintenance, Acceptable Deferred Defects and more.

the whole purpose of the Technology is to ease your day to day job

GENERICA SYSTEMS is a Microsoft Registered Partner with Information Worker Solutions Competency in Portal and Content Management Specialization, Microsoft has specializations tailored to different areas of expertise that can help you capitalize on the opportunities.